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What Website Changes Does Rankalyzer Monitor?

changes to competitors content
Changes to content

Know when competitors re-write, re-optimize or expand content.

monitor changes to headings
Heading changes

Detect any changes your competitors make to H1 - H6 headings.

competitor image changes and optimisations
Image changes & optimizations

View any updated imagery, including alt text and file name optimizations.

schema and structured data monitor
Structured data & schema

See any optimizations competitors are making to their schema markup.

competitor meta data changes
Meta titles & descriptions

Keep track of tweaks and changes your competitors make in the SERP.

monitor keyword rankings and serp features
Keyword ranking & SERP changes

Keep tabs on SERP movements and updates to features and rich snippets.

monitor competitors page speed and core web vitals
Pagespeed & core web vitals

Find out the actions your competitors are taking to improve site usability.

competitor backlink monitoring
New & lost backlinks

Swoop in and pursue any backlinks your competitors have gained or lost.

A Rank Tracker & Website Change Detection Tool Rolled Into One

Track your keywords and competitor website changes at the same time

Rankalyzer allows you to see straight through your competitors’ SEO strategies and know how they are performing, helping you take impactful SEO action.

• See competitor strategies roll out in real time.
• Make better decisions based on concrete facts.
• No limits on how many keywords you can track.

SEO competitor monitoring

Discover how emerging competitors are rising up the ranks so quickly

Spot new players on the horizon. Understand exactly what actions they are taking to move up the SERPs long before they have a chance to rival your position.

• Get a clear picture of the competitor landscape.
• Pivot, adapt, and adjust to changes with speed.
• Act upon valuable, actionable competitive insights.

Receive reports to see when your competitors make an SEO site change

Rankalyzer sends weekly alerts so you can see when a competitor updates their content. No more hunting for insights. No more manual grunt work.

• Free up more time to finesse your SEO strategy.
• Stay on top of competitor SEO website changes.
• See competitor responses to algorithm updates.

A SERP rank checker tool on steroids

Perfect For Keeping Tabs On Your Competitors!

Get definitive answers about which optimizations drive results for your priority keywords. Adapt your strategy and prioritize your workflow with confidence.

Find out what makes your competitors rank higher for specific keywords. Armed with insights, take swift action to close the gap and grow your share of voice.

Bake this one-of-a-kind SEO competitor monitoring tool into your offering and show clients how agile and responsive you can be in a changeable SEO landscape.


SEO competitor monitoring is the process of analyzing your competitors’ website content to understand what actions they are taking and how it is affecting their rankings.


It’s good SEO practice to stay on top of what SEO actions competitors are taking, particularly those currently outranking you for your core target keywords, so you can build insights, take action, and work your way up the rankings.


It’s also a good idea to closely monitor competitors hot on your heels in the SERP or any newly emerging players rising fast through the ranks.

Rankalyzer is the only website change monitoring tool that takes keyword rankings into account to give you full visibility into which SEO changes are affecting keyword rankings. Using the biggest dataset of its kind, Rankalyzer has been built to monitor and display detailed website changes for results ranking in the top 30 for your specific keywords.


No integrations are required – input the keywords you want to track, and Rankalyzer will start analyzing and recording the websites ranking in the first three pages of Google.

Rankalyzer was built for SEOs, content marketers and agencies looking for a cost-effective way to gain SEO competitor insights. It cuts out the need for manual competitor monitoring or working across multiple SEO tracking tools. Jump straight to strategizing and swift action with easy-to-grasp insights delivered directly to you, Start driving better SEO results today with Rankalyzer!

Right now, Rankalyzer is completely free to use for early adopters. Simply sign up, input your keywords, and competitor monitoring will begin.

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3. Get change alerts

Access your personalized report whenever a competitor makes an on-site SEO change.

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