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Gain a strategic advantage with detailed monitoring of your competitors’ new and lost backlinks, directly informing your link building decisions.

Track Competitors’ New & Lost Backlinks

Gain actionable insights by monitoring changes to your competitors’ backlink profiles, allowing you to swoop in and acquire them.

Discover Which Backlinks Impact Keyword Rankings

Deepen your SEO insights by understanding backlink changes and their effects on your competitors’ search visibility.

Elevate Your Reporting with Weekly Competitor Insights

Harness Rankalyzer’s weekly insights to dynamically adapt your backlink strategy against competitors.


Rankalyzer combines sophisticated scanning technology with third-party data to monitor the backlink profiles of the top 30 webpages ranking for your targeted keywords. This monthly tracking identifies any new acquisitions or losses of backlinks, providing detailed, up-to-date insights into competitors' backlink strategies. By keeping track of these changes, Rankalyzer offers a clear advantage in understanding how to build or adjust your backlink approach to enhance your SEO strategy.

Rankalyzer provides a comprehensive list of new and lost backlinks detected on competitors' websites but does not directly evaluate the quality or spamminess of these links. The analysis regarding the quality of backlinks, distinguishing between valuable links and spam, is up to the user. This approach allows SEO professionals to apply their own criteria and tools for backlink evaluation, ensuring they can tailor the analysis to their specific SEO strategy and standards.

Rankalyzer conducts a monthly update of its backlink data, meticulously tracking new and lost backlinks for the top 30 webpages associated with specific keywords. This ensures that users have access to the most current backlink information to adjust their strategies accordingly. Apart from backlink data, Rankalyzer provides weekly insights into rankings, content updates, meta changes, pagespeed, and schema modifications, offering a comprehensive view of the competitive landscape and allowing for agile SEO strategy adjustments.

Yes, Rankalyzer offers insights into how backlinks influence SERP rankings by tracking the backlink profiles of the top 30 webpages for specific keywords and observing changes over time. While Rankalyzer focuses on monitoring new and lost backlinks, understanding the broader context of these changes—such as the timing of backlink gains or losses in relation to shifts in SERP positions—can provide users with valuable clues about the impact of backlinks on search visibility. This enables users to make more informed decisions regarding their own backlink strategies to improve their SEO performance.

Rankalyzer's backlink monitoring enhances your link-building strategy by providing detailed insights into the backlink activities of competitors. By tracking the acquisition and loss of backlinks on the top 30 webpages ranking for your targeted keywords, you gain a clear understanding of how competitors are building their backlink profiles. This information allows you to identify potential backlink sources, understand effective link-building trends, and spot opportunities to secure backlinks that can boost your site’s authority and search rankings. Armed with this knowledge, you can tailor your link-building efforts to target high-value opportunities and avoid strategies that don't contribute to SEO success.

Yes, with Rankalyzer, you can simultaneously monitor backlinks for multiple competitors. This feature is particularly useful for tracking the top 30 webpages ranking for your chosen keywords, providing a comprehensive view of the backlink strategies across your competitive landscape. By analyzing the backlink profiles of various competitors, you can identify common sources of high-quality backlinks, recognize patterns in backlink acquisition or loss, and adapt your own link-building strategy to compete more effectively in your niche. This capability ensures you have a broad perspective on how to enhance your site's SEO through strategic backlinking.

Rankalyzer stands out from other backlink monitoring tools by focusing specifically on the top 30 webpages ranking for a given keyword and providing detailed monthly updates on new and lost backlinks. Unlike many tools that offer broad backlink data, Rankalyzer zeroes in on competitors’ backlink strategies within the context of SERP rankings, offering unique insights into how backlinks contribute to ranking success. Additionally, Rankalyzer complements this with weekly updates on other critical SEO factors like content changes, meta updates, pagespeed, and schema changes, providing a holistic view of the competitive landscape not typically found in a single tool. This comprehensive approach allows for strategic SEO planning that is both responsive and informed.

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