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Elevate your SEO strategy by tracking every pivotal change on competitor websites, gaining the insight needed to outperform them.

Track Competitors’ Every SEO Move with Precision

Gain actionable insights by tracking detailed changes in competitors’ SEO tactics, enhancing your strategy’s effectiveness.

Uncover Competitors’ Backlink Strategies

Leverage backlink change insights to refine your link-building efforts, enhancing your site’s authority and SEO performance.

Leverage Interactive Visual Comparisons for In-Depth SEO Analysis

Navigate SEO shifts with Rankalyzer’s interactive visual comparisons, revealing subtle yet impactful changes.

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Gain SERP Features and Rich Snippets with Schema Monitoring

Leverage insights on competitor schema changes to boost your SERP features and rich snippets acquisition.

Gain an Edge with Competitor Pagespeed Monitoring Insights

Stay ahead by tracking competitors’ pagespeed changes, optimizing your site for speed and core web vitals.

Receive Weekly Competitor Insights & Stay Agile

Refine your SEO and content strategies with Rankalyzer’s timely, weekly competitor insights.


Rankalyzer leverages advanced algorithms and third-party data to continuously monitor and track a wide array of SEO changes on competitors' websites ranking in the top 30 search results for specified keywords. This includes updates to content, headings, meta data, images, and pagespeed, among other key SEO factors.


By analyzing these changes on a weekly basis, Rankalyzer provides detailed insights into the SEO strategies of competitors, enabling users to adapt their own strategies in response to the competitive landscape. This comprehensive approach ensures that users are always equipped with the latest data to maintain or enhance their search rankings.

Rankalyzer is equipped to detect a broad spectrum of SEO changes across competitor websites. This includes modifications to on-page elements such as content updates, changes in headings (H1-H6), adjustments in meta titles and descriptions, as well as updates to images and their ALT texts.


Additionally, Rankalyzer monitors structural elements like schema markup and technical aspects such as pagespeed improvements. By capturing these diverse types of SEO changes, Rankalyzer provides a holistic view of the competitive landscape, enabling users to fine-tune their strategies based on comprehensive insights into what's working for top-ranking pages.

Rankalyzer delivers weekly updates on a wide range of SEO changes, offering users timely insights into the competitive landscape. This regular cadence allows for quick identification of trends and adjustments in competitors' strategies, from content updates to meta changes and pagespeed optimizations.


For backlink data, however, Rankalyzer updates are provided on a monthly basis, ensuring a detailed overview of new and lost backlinks. This combination of weekly and monthly updates ensures that users have both the agility to respond to immediate SEO shifts and the strategic depth to analyze longer-term backlink trends.

Yes, Rankalyzer can assist in identifying opportunities for gaining SERP features and rich snippets through its schema monitoring feature. By tracking competitors' schema markup changes and analyzing how these adjustments correlate with their presence in SERP features and rich snippets, Rankalyzer offers valuable insights.


This enables users to understand which types of structured data enhancements are effectively boosting visibility in search results. Armed with this knowledge, you can optimize your own website’s schema to target specific SERP features, enhancing your content's visibility and potentially increasing click-through rates from search results.

Yes, Rankalyzer provides crucial insights into the impact of pagespeed, including core web vitals, on SEO rankings. By tracking and analyzing competitors’ pagespeed optimizations and how these changes align with fluctuations in search engine rankings, Rankalyzer helps you understand the direct relationship between site performance and visibility in search results.


This includes insights into core web vitals, which are essential factors for Google's ranking algorithms, emphasizing the importance of loading speed, interactivity, and visual stability. Armed with this information, you can make informed decisions to improve your website’s performance, aiming to enhance user experience and secure higher rankings.

Absolutely, Rankalyzer is designed to monitor SEO changes across multiple competitors simultaneously. This capability is especially valuable for tracking the top 30 webpages ranking for your targeted keywords, providing a comprehensive view of the competitive landscape.


By understanding the SEO strategies and changes employed by various competitors, you can identify trends, opportunities, and threats within your industry. This broad perspective enables you to tailor your SEO efforts more effectively, ensuring that your strategies are well-informed and agile enough to respond to the dynamic nature of search engine rankings.

Rankalyzer's free plan offers comprehensive SEO change monitoring for up to 5 keywords, including updates on the top 20 search results. This plan covers a wide range of SEO changes such as content updates, meta changes, pagespeed improvements, and schema modifications, providing valuable insights to enhance your SEO strategy.


It's a great starting point for individuals or small teams looking to get a glimpse into competitor strategies and search engine performance. However, backlink monitoring is not included in the free plan and requires an upgrade to access. Check out our pricing page for more information.

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